Now FREE To Download and FREE TO TRY – 30 Minute Test Sessions Are On Us

We want you to try GunSonics! and see how good it is, so the app is now Free to download and we are giving you as many 30 minutes sessions as you need to be convinced. It’s totally simple, the app works for 30 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF, plenty of time to test and retest at the range.

When you are ready to try further or buy, we offer
1. A 24Hr Day Pass – $0.99c / £0.79p
2. A Month Pass – Field Test – $3.99 / £2.99
3. BEST DEAL Lifetime Pass – Just $9.99 / £7.99

Gunsonics!® works with Apple standard iPhone earphones or earpods, worn beneath passive ear protectors, allowing gun users to listen, talk and shoot with safety.

FULLY TESTED ON iOS10 and iOS10.1 / iPhone 7 Range

For enhanced protection you can use in-ear iPhone headsets like Sennheiser or custom-moulded Ultimate Ear and others UNDER your ear defenders

GunSonics!® uses patent applied for technology, to enhance quiet sounds like an instructors voice or animal movements, while reducing the sound of a gunshot to a small harmless pop…

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GunSonics!®! Usage
– Suitable for all gun types, rifles, shotguns, pistols, semi and full auto firearms using any calibre from .22 upwards on indoor and outdoor ranges.
– Ideal for shooters, instructors, students, spectators, gun clubs, group shooting and sporting events.
– No more feeling isolated or not knowing when it’s safe to remove ear protectors.
– No more waiting for others to finish shooting before taking instruction.

How to Use GunSonics!®
1. Slip on your iPhone headset with mic (Standard, EarPods, Etymotic etc)
2. Wear high-quality passive ear protectors over the top. THIS IS MANDATORY
3. Select GunSonics app on your iPhone
4. Make sure headset microphone and lead are positioned comfortably, with leads tucked out of the way
5. Choose gun type on the circular selector and Auto or Single-Shot (optional)
NOTE: You are always protected, gun type fine-tunes speech quality
6. Adjust the main phone volume so you can hear conversation naturally
7. Lock your iPhone screen and put it in a safe pocket


GunSonics is a Smartphone App and of course cannot provide physical protection for user’s ears. To prevent hearing loss, users MUST ALWAYS wear over-the-head shooting standard ear protectors/muffs on top of earphones, to provide a physical layer of protection for their ears.


You must follow manufacturers instructions when using deep in-ear earphones/headsets such as Ultimate Ear or Etymotic to get the full benefits of Double Hearing Protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use any other headphones?
GunSonics may work with other headphones but only Apple supplied Headsets and Earpods for iPhone and iPod are certified for use right now. We have also tested Etymotic HF3 and a variety of other good quality in-ear headsets with microphone. See 2.

DO NOT use any earphones or headsets designed for Android devices, they may cause GunSonics to malfunction with unpredictable results that may compromise safety.

2. Can I use noise isolating in-ear headphones instead of wearing ear protectors?
NO. You MUST wear ear defenders over the top to provide the bulk of the protection. In-ear phones on their own may not provide enough protection. Using BOTH will increase your protection to around 36 dB NRR which is a useful improvement when shooting large bore.

3. What happens if I choose the wrong gun preset?
GunSonics! will work even if you choose the wrong preset however it may affect low volume sounds like speech if the wrong preset is chosen.

4. What is Auto-Fire?
Auto-fire mode should be selected for automatic or semi-automatic weapons or when groups of people are firing at the same time.

5. What is Spectator mode?
Spectator mode is suitable for anybody visiting a shooting range, watching a competition or gun instructors.

6. Will Gunsonics affect my iPhone battery life?
No. Gunsonics! has a minimal effect on iPhone battery life.

7. What about Android?
See ‎
Due to well known Android OS audio problems, voices are delayed and echo, so this is intended as a listening app with protection.

Tested headsets / ear protectors 2015
1. Apple iPhone standard headset standard as supplied with iPhone
2. Apple iPhone Earpod headset as supplied with iPhone
3. Etymotic HF3 iPhone headset
4. A variety of ‘Made for iPhone’ headsets

1. UK – 3M Peltor OPTIME III Ear defenders. The best we have found with a UK 35dB SNR rating. A bit bulky though
1. USA – 3M Peltor H10A OPTIME 105 with a US NRR rating of 30dB. Same as UK model apart from numbering
2. UK – 3M Peltor OPTIME II Ear defenders. Slimmer design but lower protection at 31dB SNR

Recommended by ratings only at this time
3. USA – Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection USA model with 33dB NRR
4. UK & USA – 3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs, NRR 31 dB

 Help us spread the word! Review GunSonics! On iTunes and Tell Your Friends

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