What is GunShot Suppressor?

GunShot Suppressor is an Android app for gun instructors and regular shooters who want to, or need to, hear what’s going on around them without the fear of hearing damage caused by a gunshot. You can easily have a two way conversation and hear every word with no drop outs while shots are being fired.

Due to Android OS limitations GunShot Suppressor is NOT a direct equivalent of GunSonics! on iOS.

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When used with noise isolating earphones and ear protectors, GunShot Suppressor provides up to 36dB NRR (the equivalent of double protection) making it the preferred choice for shooting instructors.

GunShot Suppressor enhances quiet sounds like speech while reducing the sound of any gunshot to below safe listening levels. Unlike electronic ear defenders, no part of a gunshot is amplified making GunShot Suppressor the safest audio circuit for firearms.

GunShot Suppressor! Usage

– Suitable for all gun types, rifles, shotguns, pistols, semi and full auto firearms using any calibre from .22 upwards on indoor and outdoor ranges.
– Ideal for shooters, instructors, students, spectators, gun clubs, group shooting and sporting events.
– No more feeling isolated or not knowing when it’s safe to remove ear protectors.
– No more waiting for others to finish shooting before taking instruction.

* any made for Android earphones work with GunShot Suppressor but if you want the ultimate in hearing protection use noise isolating earphones such as Ultimate Ear with standard ear protectors/defenders for ‘dual protection’. This is the equivalent of using foam earplugs with ear protectors, a hearing protection method used by professionals known as dual protection or double plugging. It is important for the noise isolating earphones to be properly fitted to achieve high NRR protection.

How do I use GunShot Suppressor?
  1. Wear any made for Android earphones* and connect to your smartphone
  2. Place ear protectors OVER your ears and activate the GunShot Suppressor app by tapping the power button icon
  3. Adjust your smartphone volume so you can hear normal conversation at a comfortable level
  4. You are now ready to shoot

* Earphones with inline microphones are recommended. if using earphones without a built in mic, GunShot Suppressor will use your phone’s built in microphone which needs to remain unobstructed.

Earphone cables – make sure the in-line microphone is sensibly positioned, wind your earphone cables around your ear so they fall over the back of your shoulder and under your arm to avoid any possibility of the cable getting in your way.

What is Dual Protection?

Dual Protection / Double Protection / Plugging is the practice of wearing earplugs and ear protectors at the same time for maximum hearing protection.

How much extra hearing protection do I get with Dual Protection?

The amount of added protection gained from double/dual protection is not simply the combined NRR ratings of the earplug and ear protectors, dual protection adds an average of 4dB to the amount of protection offered by a well fitted foam plug or up to 7dB if wearing well fitted pre-moulded earplugs.

How can I ‘Dual Protect’ my hearing with the GunShot Suppressor app?

You can achieve dual or double protection with GunShot Suppressor by using in-ear noise isolating earphones and ear protectors/muffs at the same time. The key is to ensure that the noise isolating earphones are fitted correctly in your ear. For maximum hearing protection we recommend Ultimate Ear moulded earpiece made for your choice of earphone, which further reduces a gunshot blast by at least 50% more than using foam earplugs and ear protectors. UE + GunShot Suppressor are fast becoming the instructors choice in hearing protection.

Can I use any other headphones?

GunShot Suppressor may work with other headphones but DO NOT use any earphones or headsets designed for Apple devices, they may cause GunShot Suppressor to malfunction with unpredictable results that may compromise safety.

Can I use in-ear headphones like Ultimate Ear instead of wearing ear protectors?

UE moulded earpieces provide excellent noise isolation, but we generally recommend using UE earphones AND ear protectors to achieve double hearing protection.

What is Auto-Fire?

Auto-fire mode should be selected for automatic or semi-automatic weapons or when groups of people are firing at the same time.

Will GunShot Suppressor affect my Phone battery life?

No. GunShot Suppressor has a minimal effect on battery life.

Why does my voice echo

GunShot Suppressor retains the full protection and hearing abilities of GunSonics, but due to limitations in Android we cannot get ‘Real-Time’ audio, so this app is intended for listening and protection. Your own voice may be delayed and echo making it harder to talk, but not impossible. Your mileage may vary.


GunShot Suppressor is a Smartphone App and cannot of course provide physical protection for user’s ears. To prevent hearing loss, users MUST ALWAYS wear over-the-head shooting standard ear protectors/muffs on top of earphones, to provide a physical layer of protection for their ears.


You must follow manufacturers instructions when using deep in-ear earphones/headsets such as Ultimate Ear to get the full benefits of Double Hearing Protection.


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