GunShot Suppressor! is a new ‘Made for Android’ app for gun users, instructors and firearms enthusiasts. Use earphones under regular ear protectors to hear, talk and shoot. Normal conversation and quiet sounds are amplified, yet gunshots are reduced to a small ‘click’ with greater efficiency than any electronic ear defender on the market. Using GunShot Suppressor is as easy as wearing your favourite earphones under standard shooting ear protectors and tapping the GunShot Suppressor power button on your Android phone.

I’ve used this app 4-5 times now at my local shooting range. Wasn’t really expecting much to be honest but was pretty blown away by the results!

double hearing protection with GunShot Suppressor

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Double Protection + the safest audio = better hearing protection for shooting

Use GunShot Suppressor with any Android earphones but use it with noise isolating earphones and ear protectors to achieve the same level of hearing protection as double protection. Unlike passive double protection you can still hear, talk, and shoot making it the preferred option for gun Instructors. GunShot Suppressor really is the next generation in hearing protection for shooters.

Gun Instructors

Gun instructor using the GunShot Suppressor app

Using foam noise-isolating ear-phones with a pair of standard (cheap) gun ear defenders over the top, the shot noise attenuation is far greater / safer than electronic ear defenders too. Great app!

Tests have shown that GunShot Suppressor has the safest audio circuit for shooting with zero amplification of gunshots, easily outperforming electronic ear defenders. GunShot Suppressor uses patent applied for technology and the full power of your smartphone to amplify low-level sounds like speech, while reducing even the sound of the loudest gun, rifle (or cannon!) to a gentle ‘crack’. GunShot Suppressor! offers the only method of active dual protection while allowing safe communication.

This really works well and is a fraction of the price of electronic ear defenders. Speech clarity is way better than my Deben electronic muffs and there is no ‘pop’ as they attenuate the shot. Used with 12G and .243Win without moderator (there are separate modes for each) the app worked very well with both.

Shooting instructors who compared their big name electronic ear protectors with GunShot Suppressor, noted a clearer sound and no ringing in their ears after a typical 800 shot day. No gun instructor should be without GunShot Suppressor, try it and see!

What is Double Protection?

Double Protection (also known as ‘Dual Protection’) is when foam earplugs and passive ear protectors are worn at the same time to provide maximum hearing protection. The setbacks in using foam earplugs are that communication is not possible and total isolation is felt with the complete loss of hearing. Some shooters use foam earplugs and electronic ear defenders with the volume cranked to maximum, to enable them to faintly hear what’s going on around them, but this is not ideal and playing around with high amplification volumes while shooting may not be a good idea…

Double Protection with Gunshot Suppressor

Using foam earplugs with ear protectors can cause serious isolation and poses a safety threat in that you cannot hear any warning sounds or alarms. Use GunShot Suppressor with in-ear noise isolating earphones under ear protectors, to achieve the highest level of ear protection when shooting – without isolating yourself.

GunShot Suppressor FAQ HERE

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