Co-founders Alex Georgiou and Antony Zenonos share a passion for technology, music making and a burning desire to push technical and creative boundaries. They teamed up over 20 years ago to write and produce cutting edge music for up-and-coming recording artists. The arrival of computer-based music and studios led directly to a shift into advanced music and audio software. The introduction of the iPhone made it possible to bring their creations to a wider audience.

Founded in 2008, Essency Ltd develops cutting-edge mobile apps and more. The company has attracted substantial investment and is fully-funded. Based in London, UK, we operate globally with outposts in Menlo Park and Melbourne.

The company’s combined knowledge in the fields of music, sound engineering and computing have enabled them to deliver some remarkable real-time audio technology.

Meet the people

Alex Georgiou, CTO, Software Architect and Co-founder

CTO, Software Architect and Co-founder Alex Georgiou, has a passion for technology and music making that spans over 25 years. Alex started life with a five year apprenticeship with BT (then post office) in digital communications and was among the first generation of qualified digital telephone engineers. He left BT 10 years later to begin a career in sound recording as a studio engineer and music producer, which lasted over 25 years. He has an uparalleled knowledge of computing as applied to music and audio.

Alex designs Essency Apps, works closely with coders, clients and beta-testers and helps ensure we deliver on time.

Antony Zenonos, Co-founder

Creative Director and Co-founder Antony Zenonos started his career as a recording engineer and music producer in a professional music studio at the age of 16. He stayed there for 5 years releasing and co-producing numerous songs. When computers became powerful enough to create professional quality recordings, he carried on his producing from home which he still does today in his spare time.  Antony went on to become a qualified Apple Mac Engineer and Mac Consultant.

Antony conceptualises new app ideas and produces app graphics. Additionally he carries out much of Essency’s research and handles patents and copyright.

Rob Follis, Managing Director and Founder Investor

CEO and Founder Investor Rob Follis, a trained electronics engineer, ex-photographer and professional technology marketer, has been with Essency since 2010. He has been in the audio industry for many years, launched Denon in the UK, ran Sennheiser PR for over 20 years, sold Revox-Studer, Cambridge Audio and more. He now runs his own PR company specialising in Consumer Electronics.

A mad gadget fan, Robert owns more Mac kit than most Apple Stores, sleeps with his iPhone and never cycles with headphones on, even using Awareness!® Robert is responsible for sales, marketing and front facing operations.

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