GunSonics!® App – The Digital Gun Silencer

Listen, talk, and shoot with GunSonics!® Advanced app – outperforms even the most expensive electronic shooting headsets

GunSonics!® The Digital Gun Silencer App for iPhone, allows shooters to hear and talk naturally on the range or in the field without risking hearing damage. v1.0.1 out now.

Gunsonics! iOS App for gun users

Locked in silence inside your ear protectors?

Are you a gun instructor who needs to talk to your pupils?

Don’t want to spend $400 on an Electronic Headset?

GunSonics! The Digital Gun Silencer App upgrades a set of traditional passive ear-protectors, to outperform costly electronic designs costing 20 times as much!

GunSonics!® reduces the sound of gunfire to a harmless ‘pop’ while enhancing quiet sounds like speech.

Wear your earphones under your ear protectors, switch GunSonics! on and tap a preset to match your firearm, use the volume control on your iPod or iPhone to find a comfortable listening level and you’re ready to shoot.

This page is regularly updated. See GunSonics! FAQ

– allows natural conversation on the range or in the field, between shooters and vital communication between instructors and pupils.
– uses any iPhone, standard iPhone earphones, standard passive ear-protectors

Safer all round
– better hearing protection all round
– allows use of very high-protection passive ear-protectors
– app reacts to squash gunshots much faster than electronic ear-protectors
– allows no leakage of gunshot sound via the earphones
– speech is never interrupted and continues smoothly through gunshots
– overall combo of app/earphones/protector outperforms £300 – £500 electronic ear-defenders
Awareness! available on the App Store

How Gunsonics!® Works
1. A headset is worn under ear-protectors, bringing you conversation and natural sounds
2. Using Essency’s Advanced DSP ‘Real-Time Engine’ running on the iPhone, sounds from the microphone are fed to your ear as they happen, with no lags, echoes or delays.
3. Ear-Protectors provide the essential noise baffling protection for your ears
4. When you shoot, no sound from the gunshot reaches your ears apart from a harmless ‘pop’

Rifle shot without GunSonics!



Gunshot waveform. This will deafen you!




Rifle Shot with GunSonics!



Gunshot after GunSonics! ‘Pop’




5. With six presets customised for each type of gun, GunSonics! is suitable for all firearm types from shotguns to rifles. From pistols to revolvers but even if you choose the wrong preset, GunSonics! will never let your hearing be damaged.

6. If you fire a heavy calibre machine gun or are in a shooting group, GunSonics!® will protect you.
GunSonics! Selector

How to Use GunSonics!®

1. Connect to your iPhone and put on a headset with mic
2. Put on ear-protectors over the top. 
3. Select GunSonics app on your phone
4. Make sure headset microphone and lead are positioned comfortably with leads tucked out of the way
5. Choose gun type on the selector and Auto or Single-Shot
6. Adjust the main phone volume so you can hear conversation naturally
7. Lock your iPhone screen and put it away
7. Shoot!
8. Talk!

Gunsonics!®! Features

Advanced DSP ‘Real-Time Engine’
Based on our award winning Awareness!@ The Headphone App audio engine, GunSonics! outperforms the most expensive electronic ear protectors on every level.

Gun Selector
Featuring six custom presets each finely tuned to react to each weapons characteristic firing sound, from single shot revolvers to automatic rifles.

Auto Fire Selector
Choose between single shot or automatic weapons. Auto fire should also be selected when a group are firing.

ClearVoice – Built-in
Makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear, even over gunshots.

You must always use suitable ear protectors over your earphones when using GunSonics!®