Licensing Essency Apps

Run With Awareness!

Founded in 2008, Essency is an audio specialist software company with unique patented technology, targeting mainstream consumers and hardware manufacturers.

The founders of Essency are highly experienced engineers who have worked in all aspects of professional audio and with computers and digital audio since the days of the Moog Synthesiser.

Initially a developer of Apps for Apple’s iOS, Essency plans to add Android and Windows Phone platforms. Desktop versions 
of core products are planned for Mac OSX and Windows.

Some products we expect to be individually demand 
driven, others like Awareness!® we believe will become 
industry standards, driven by legislation and liability, if not responsibility.

Essency apps Awareness!® The Headphone App and GunSonics!® are on 
iTunes. Some custom app versions have been licensed and 
codebase modules have been licensed to build into 3rd party applications.


Essency – What we do

  • We develop and patent high-performance DSP based audio technologies
  • We build cutting-edge audio apps for sale on app stores
  • We license technology modules to incorporate into 3rd party apps
  • We build custom versions of our own apps for 3rd parties
  • We can build new audio apps from the ground up, to agreed specifications


Essency Licensing

  • Apps are becoming a standard headphone accessory. If you are a vendor you need to be ready.
  • Essency’s suite of Apps, enhance and extend the capabilities of headphones / headsets / iPod audio systems and more.
  • All Essency apps & code can be licensed.
  • All apps have a rolling roadmap and planned feature upgrades.
  • All Essency apps are Multi-Tasking designed to work with any audio source 
on a mobile device.
  • Core code can be optimised for low-power DSP chips and blown into DSP-using devices, like phones & active headsets.
  • All key Essency technologies have patents applied for and all brand names have trademarks registered or in process.



  • NEW GunSonics!® Hearing Safety and Real-Time Communication – iOS now, Android follows
  • Awareness!® Real-Time Audio Engine, code and modules – iOS/li>
  • Awareness!® The Headphone App – iOS
  • Awareness!® Evolution V3.0 – forthcoming advanced version for iOS
  • StreetSonics!® Street Safety App – simplified Awareness – iOS (forthcoming)
  • HearSonics™ hearing aid app  (forthcoming)
  • EQSonics 3/6/8™ – advanced multi-tasking EQ apps and modules
  • KaraokeSonics™ a real-time Karaoke engine and app module


Supply Formats

  • Plug-in iOS code library modules to fit existing 3rd party apps.
  • Unique single-function and totally customised apps e.g.: a branded 6-Band EQ app
  • Deluxe branded versions of Awareness!® The Headphone App – single or multi-function
  • Deluxe branded versions of GunSonics!® – single or multi-function
  • Pure DSP code for hardware devices
  • Any combination of the above



  • Apple iOS 4.2 to 7.1 and above
  • Android Jelly Bean OS – on hold – Android has problems with audio latency
  • WindowsPhone8 in Planning. Currently W8 has problems with audio latency
  • Max OSX 10.8/9 in R&D – Desktop Versions
  • Windows 7/8/8.1 in R&D – Desktop Versions


To find out more about licensing or purchasing branded apps to bundle with your products, contact us at Essency Apps Licensing



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