Awareness!® iOS for Etymotic

Awareness!® iOS For Etymotic App is a special version of the Awareness! app, fine tuned for Etymotic hf3 and mc3 headsets and earphones.

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The superb noise isolating properties of Etymotic headsets and earphones mean you need much less volume to hear more.

Awareness!® For Etymotic was built with this in mind to provide users with Programmable Noise Isolation.
Awareness!® For Etymotic also functions as free dB Noise Meter for non Etymotic headset owners.

If you own an Etymotic hf3 or mc3 headset, download Awareness!® For Etymotic on the App Store now for free!

Sign up for a user account at to access all the features of Awareness!® For Etymotic App.




Awareness!® iOS Versions:

Awareness for Etymotic PRO – the top-of-the-line Paid full version

Awareness for Etymotic Free Download – a pure DB meter for entertainment purposes

Awareness for Etymotic Free Download – When registered is the fully functional app / DISCONTINUED

Awareness for Etymotic PRO Upgraded Version – get the discounted upgrade from Free to PRO

Awareness! iOS Features:

AutoSet listens to the sounds around you and automatically sets a microphone switching level to make sure you hear anything above normal background noise. AutoSet comes on each time Awareness! is started or when the Auto button on the main screen is tapped.

dB Noise Meter
Switches the app meter to a Noise Meter which measures environmental noise and displays it as a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measured in decibels. Featuring average dB and dBA scales. (Note: this meter is for entertainment purposes only)

Microphone Boost
Microphone Boost amplifies sounds picked up by the microphone, useful for listening in to distant sounds. Caution! Microphone Boost can make the volume very loud, please use responsibly and look after your ears.

Microphone Delay
Microphone Delay allows you to add a small delay before the microphone signal is triggered, this can help to prevent sounds like the wind or cable rub from inadvertently triggering the microphone.

Mic On/Off
Switches the mic on or off, useful for when you just want to have a quick listen to what’s going on around you.
Also works with Active Interrupt to pause music when you hit the button.

Vibrate / Noise Alarm
Makes an ‘i’device vibrate when the mic level is exceeded. This turns Awareness! into a useful noise alarm that could warn you when you are exposed to dangerous environmental noise levels. Can be used in conjunction with the dB Noise Meter. Note: Will not work when iPod player is running but works with most other audio apps.

VoiceOver UI
Awareness! has been built from the ground up to incorporate a simplified UI that’s optimised for VoiceOver for partially sighted users.

PRO & Upgraded Version – Additional Features

AutoPause / is now Active Interrupt
Touch ‘Mic on/off’ to activate the mic and pause music, functioning as Push To Talk. Set the app to pause and resume music when the outside noise exceeds the set microphone level so you never miss a thing!. Great for audio books. Only Works with the iOS Player.

AutoSet Plus
AutoSet Plus is an advanced version of AutoSet that checks and adjusts the mic threshold at a set interval of your choice ranging from every 30 secs to every 5 minutes (displayed in the UI). Great for when you are on the move and for more dynamic environments where background noise is continually changing, e.g., a noisy street or train station.

Makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear.

How to get Awareness!®
If you own an Etymotic hf3 or mc3 headset you can get Awareness!® For Etymotic on the App Store now for free!

Then register for your user account at to unlock the features of Awareness!® For Etymotic App.


is a custom app, specially tuned for Etymotic hf and mc series headsets

Awareness!® iOS For Etymotic is free and can be downloaded on the App Store.

A user name and password MUST be obtained from Etymotic to unlock the features of the Free Version

Visit the Etymotic Awareness web page to find out more about Awareness!™ For Etymotic.





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